The Birth Of A New Color

The Birth Of A New Color

Message from The Creative Director 


The Doodle Factory wants to color your life and the lives of children in need. Our aim is, and always has been, to make our people part of something greater than themselves. 
Your support over the last three years has enabled us to help hundreds of children to heal from deafness, heart conditions, burns, and other afflictions that steal color from their lives.

Your support has also helped us bring color to communities, as we built the first library in a small village and helped send many of its children to school.

So, what if everything we bought could serve a greater purpose and have a bigger impact? Imagine how much more could we do if we did it together?

Today we take one more pioneering step forward on the path of social design. After three years of building this brand and starting a movement where humanity, creativity, and expression matter, we want to help you wear these values on your sleeve, and everywhere else.

Art and fashion are a canvas on which we can express who we are and what we feel without needing to say much. Every movement in history has been accompanied by a change of fashion to reflect what its people stood for.

Doodle Factory strives to remain an expanding space for children to express themselves freely, and to see their artistic expressions change the design landscape around them.

The newest color we bring to you, is our ready to wear collection, for you who are brave and free and want to show the world what you stand for. For you to bring color to the lives of others. With every statement piece you wear, we are one step closer to bringing fashion to change and change to fashion.


Farah El-Masry

Creative Director