The Fun, The Brave, and The Inspired

The Fun, The Brave, and The Inspired

By: Basma Bishay, Doodle Factory Blogger on October 26th 2019

Here’s the thing: making a difference doesn’t have to come in the form of a grand gesture. Fundamentally, we tend to believe we’re too small and insignificant on our own to really change the world. But thats exactly the misconception The Doodle Factory aims to change: we, the individuals in a great big world, can have massive impacts by simply keeping our eyes and hearts open, shifting our perspectives from darkness to light.

What if we could be, and remain, wide-eyed little children? Imagine how much fun we’d have, painting our towns with joy and laughter. Think of how brave we’d be, staring poverty and injustice dead in the eye as we fought relentlessly to take them down. And oh and how inspired we’d be, if we could see the world as it originally was: a home to a people who stand together.

What our dimmed world really needs, now more than ever, is color! We need to return to our childlike state of wonder, beholding the simplicities of our unwavering humanity. Which is why we’re revealing a solution that will give all our lives the splash of color and innocence we crave. This is a bold, loud, and unavoidable invitation for the fun, the brave, and the inspired. It is for the believers: the ones who stand for humanity, creativity and expression. For those who empower others. It is for the brave, who play the way children do. For those who have a bit of fun and give a lot of love. We are calling out to you! Because you can make a difference. 

Its been a long time coming, but we’re finally introducing a Doodle Fashion line! For the first time in Doodle history, we’re officially inviting you to WEAR YOUR HEAR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE!