Doodle Factory X Zest

At Doodle Factory we live with one main rule, Inclusively empowering children in need to pay for a better life. However, of equal importance to us is providing our customers with endless opportunities to become ambassadors of a world where children's creativity matters by helping them make small choices that have a huge impact.

In our belief that food just like art is a universal language that brings people together and embraces everyone’s differences. We collaborated with Zest, the Middle East's leading culinary channel to create a kitchen kit that will give chefs a sense of style and Impact as they cook their favourite dishes and share their most meaningful moments with the ones they love. 

The design on the kitchen set is created from the original drawings of children from the Deaf Unit in Cairo. The Deaf Unit is a boarding  school dedicated and equipped to providing specialized education for children with hearing loss. Their aim is to foster a society that is more understanding, respectful  and accepting of the Deaf while building their capacity to be self-sustaining, impactful and happy.  

Each kit will sponsor children with hearing impairments to complete their educational journey. 

In support of The Deaf Unit, stars Yousra el Louzy and Hany Adel came together to raise awareness about the importance of including and educating children with hearing impairments  in our community.