Yassin Abdul Ghaffar x The Doodle Factory

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Our new collection “The Fun, The Brave and The Inspired” has hit the ground
running, and as you shop, we don’t want you to miss out on the cause you’re
supporting with every purchase. So here’s a little bit more on the Dr. Yassin
Abdul Ghaffar Hospital.

The Abdul Ghaffar hospital, located in Nasr City, is one of its kind. It is a hospital
founded and run on vision, purpose and moral integrity. It’s main goal is to
provide high quality treatment and care to those who can afford it, and to those
who can’t, for a lifetime. Unfortunately, liver diseases are chronic and costly
illnesses; meaning, they easily become a death sentence to many, or at best, a
life-long financial burden. Dr. Yassin, knowing this, developed a personal dream
of creating a hospital that is accessible to all, providing world-class treatment for

Sadly, the brilliant Dr. Yassin passed away only two months after the opening of
the hospital. But we are confident that he would be proud to see how his vision
and dreams are upheld in the safe hands of his very own daughter, Dr. Tawhida
Abdul Ghaffar, and her excellent, selfless work force.

In many ways, we, the Doodle Factory, share the same foresight to support our
community in similar ways. As the Abdul Ghaffar hospital supplies our region’s
need of liver care and treatment, we strive to deliver disadvantaged children the
proper healthcare, shelter and education they deserve. Needless to say, we are
very excited to partner with this great hospital as they continue in their
commitment to create a medically advanced and updated hospital, dedicated first
and foremost in serving the community; alleviating pain every way they can.

The fun, brave and inspired children at the Dr. Yassin Abdul Ghaffar’s hospital
have put their hearts on paper so that we can proudly wear them on our sleeves!
And every purchase you make will help us provide them with monitors for their
Intensive Care Unit needed to maintain the pledged high quality care they
deserve. As our proceeds go to the children, we salute them, knowing that we
could not have launched this collection without them! The work, art and color the
children of the Abdul Ghaffar hospital have put together is the heart beat of every
product. And we are so proud to share it with you!