Who are we?

Doodle Factory is a design centric Egyptian brand that inclusively empowers children in need by enabling them to take part in bettering their own lives. Through utilizing the children′s creativity, Doodle Factory designs products which fund for the medical, educational and shelter needs of the children.


To design products that unleash the creative and playful potential of children in need to pay for a better life.

There is a world out there beyond our imagination, one you can only see on paper. We are here to open a door for you into this world by providing products that are designed from the brush strokes of vulnerable children eager to share their stories. Using their doodles we pave a road that values the little things and contributes to changing children's lives by improving their health and education.

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Finally a very dear and special thanks to Excuse My Content for managing to tell our story so beautifully!

Posted by The Doodle Factory on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Meet our original doodlers

The Backbone and the reason we exist collection after collection, are the children who inspire us with their own drawings. Doodle Factory products are only created using the drawings of children in need to support their basic necessities in three areas of vulnerability- health, education and shelter. Our children are game changers taking part in improving their lives one brush stroke at a time

10 years old, Health Ambassador
,Behbait City

The health projects focus on funding for the medical surgeries and medical equipment for children all over Egypt.

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10 years old, Education Ambassador ,Nuba City

The educational projects are currently focusing on building and enhancing local community schools and funding for children tuition fees.


10 years old, Shelter Ambassador,Kouta

The shelter projects are currently funding for the supply of clean water.

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How the magic happens


Our story starts with the white canvas where children can IMAGINE. Our philosophy is built on the idea that children get to freely express themselves on a white space that connect us with them, hence the white canvas model. In each area of vulnerability we fund a local NGO that is directly working with children in need. Through the partnership we meet the children and take them out for a fun art session where they get to unleash their creativity. Each art session is the start of a journey filled with inspiration and impact.

Pattern Design

Using the children’s drawings we create our statement designs using crops, elements, strokes and unique creatures. Each design tells the story of a world, a village, a struggle or a dream.


As strong believers of our cause we work towards providing our customers with pieces that carry our message loud and clear. As a lifestyle brand we place our statement designs on everyday products that allow you to become ambassadors of our movement. By making a purposeful purchase you carry the white canvas making this world one where children creativity matters.